Most stories begin with a simple question, “Why?”. Ours too.
Before the vision became reality, we asked ourselves: “What do we as a producer want from the product and what does the consumer expect?” There were several answers, but we knew that the bar had been set high.

The production of laminate tubes in Elpes has
several heroes. Meet them all.

Meet them all!


we are the heroes of our own history, implementing and producing, we fulfil our clients’ and our own visions. We create packaging that is to be functional and usable, but above all to guarantee the highest quality, which underpins the sales success of the product.


in our opinion, new projects must contribute to the company’s development, but also to the success of the product that will be its content. Passion is our driving force and the compass, thanks to which we create packaging with a timeless design, classic, but also tailored to the needs of our customers.


the main character of our story, the fruit of the creator and his passion. Our products must be surprisingly practical, innovative and adapted to changing needs and a changing world. We are constantly improving them. Printed in flexographic technology or labelled, they become elegant and minimalist in form. As they should be, tailored to the needs of the product exactly.


Is the silent hero of our story. To create the right packaging, we must combine the power of technology, passion for design and protection of nature. The changing world is the result of our joint activities. As a brand, we are aware of the great responsibility for our product and the method of its production. That is why we are constantly changing and developing so that the footprint we leave is as small as possible.

Client (YOU)

the great motivator, a judge and a companion – your judgment is the realization of our vision. Your expectations accompany us at every stage of creation. Keeping in mind and understanding your product allows us to select and then produce the packaging in the most appropriate way. We realize that a laminate tube without a product and brand is a useless item. That is why we constantly develop, inspire and change over the years.



Partnership and cooperation in our team builds strong relationships that constitute the strength of our brand.

We know that in order to be successful, you must pursue goals and share responsibility together.
The satisfaction we get from in-house training and endorsing intense collaboration is a central part of our corporate culture. This team spirit is present across all departments and provides the motivation needed to achieve our vision. We want to be a reliable partner. We love our work and we believe in what we do.
Your vision, your product, your order finds its way into good specialised hands, partners and enthusiasts – our team.

Let us get to know each other better!

Marek Jaroszyński

General Director

Bartosz Jaroszyński

Chief Operating Officer

Wojciech Maciejowski

Chief Financial Officer

Maciej Marcinkiewicz

Sales Manager

Dagmara Jaszczuk

Head of Customer Service Department.



We are changing: new trends in design, technological innovations, innovative design concepts, but in one area we stick to tradition: our values.
Our packaging is timeless, as are our values by which we create it. What is important to us? Check it out and get to know us better.

Our organizational culture is based on five pillars – these basic values accompany us
in our daily work:


we want to share the experience we have with you. We listen to your needs, and then we will guide you through the implementation, printing and production of tubes.


we value honesty and do not pretend. Thanks to openness and transparency, we are a reliable and responsible partner.


our team is the foundation of our company. Each of us is different, but we have common goals and we are moving in the same direction.


everything we do leaves its mark. That is why we treat environmental protection as our priority. When planning our activities, we always think about how to minimize their impact on the natural environment.


we want to develop in areas that need development the most. We invest in technology and people where it improves the quality of life of local communities. We are part of these communities and we make sure that their members feel that we are acting for them. We do this because we know we could not operate without them.

Would you like
to know more?

Please contact us and see how to create modern packaging for various needs.
If you are as enthusiastic about your product as we are for laminate tubes,
we are sure that we will soon create a perfect and functional packaging together!