in line with nature

Looking at our world today, we know it is time to acknowledge that nature is fundamental to our lives. We must therefore take responsibility for our ecological footprint. At Elpes, we have set priorities and values thanks to which we consistently care for the environment around us, and also for ourselves.

Each month we are more aware of how our environment is changing, which is why we have organized our production process and production facilities in such a way as to be able to speak openly about the sustainable development of our brand.
Our organizational culture has always been rooted in the principles of social, environmental and economic responsibility, as is our product philosophy and customer orientation. Today we use many years of experience and always remain faithful to our principles.

We rely on regional purchasing structures. This allows to avoid transporting goods over long distances and saves the environment from many harmful substances and CO2. In addition, our regional, carefully selected supplier network means greater flexibility for our customers. And this not only protects nature, but also protects our independence.

The entire production process is in our hands. We use low-migration coating materials, and a modern machine park guarantees much lower energy consumption. Thanks to this, we can ensure that the production of our packaging is environmentally friendly. 
We focus on sustainable development.
This also applies to our employees.

We carefully select our employees, direct them according to their individual potential, support them and train them intensively.

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